CTRL + ALT + DELETE seen on the streets of new york

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Last month, dozens of New York artists and activists battled the clutter of consumerism in a guerrilla-style billboard takeover. Mobilized by Jordan Seiler and the Public Ad Campaign, the 24-hour direct action replaced nearly 19,000 square feet of illegal advertising with original, anti-corporate street art.

obey poster design

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armsrock in berlin

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graffiti by-law petition

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freeartworcester-curbplease sign and distribute this petition. we are going to need as many signatures as we can get.


the writing’s on the wall – zim is still not free (cape town)

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free palestine

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Done by the Palestinian Solidarity Youth Group
Klipfontein Road. Cape Town
it was cleaned by the city 4 days later.

hope for darfur by shepard fairy

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seen on the streets of amsterdam

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seen on the streets of cape town

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will jew be my valentine….